About Profab Central Engineering

The Profab Central Engineering Limited story began just under a quarter of a century ago, with a small firm specialising in stainless steel fabrication and maintenance work for the local dairy industry.

A few years later, we purchased the plans for a 7-metre trailer boat. The rest, as they say,is history.

Performance, strength, and durability have always been the cornerstones of our boats. This allowed our reputation to grow quickly, and we began receiving enquiries for larger boats from the commercial sector. It was at this point that the core identity of Profab began to come together.

In 2004, we moved into our purpose-built workshop in Bounty Place, Palmerston North.

We approached all of these projects with a view to customisation, building one-of-a-kind vessels, designed and tailored to the specifications of our clients. These included specialised service vessels, cray fishing and charter fishing craft, as well as mussel harvesting vessels, all in the 10 to 24-metre range. Our team was limited only by the size of our workshop, so we have outgrown our premises twice.

Our current workshop gives us the ability to build up to 40 metres in length, or handle two 32-metre boats at the same time.

In 2006, we had the opportunity to branch out into 
luxury motor yachts.

This led to the completion of the 22-metre, mini-passage maker Adagio the following year. The results delighted our client, and they returned with an order for our first "super yacht," the Black Pearl, completed in 2009.

The breadth of our capabilities captured the attention of an Australian-based company, who were looking to expand their fleet with robust work boats for use in the oil and gas industry.

The first order was for two 9-metre and two 15-metre boats, which were able to handle with aplomb.

The same client has since returned six more times, ordering another 15-metre catamaran, two 24-metre catamarans, a 34-metre catamaran, and the 30 and 34-metre monohulls we are currently building.


The last 25 years have seen us complete over 70 boats, contributing to a diverse portfolio of successes.

This portfolio demonstrates the invaluable knowledge and experience we apply to every new build we undertake.

We recognise that success relies on good communication, and on the successful working relationships we have been able to build and maintain.

We continue to supply our stainless steel products and services, and we are a preferred supplier to Fonterra even today, almost 25 years on. The number of clients who keep on coming back to us is a testament to both the quality of our product and to the no-nonsense way we do what we do.

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